24: Season 7 (2009)

Genre(s): Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Fox || NR - 1050 minutes - $49.99 || May 19, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-06-23

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The Film

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Special Features

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Director: NA
Writer(s): Robert Cochran & Joel Surnow (created by)
Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Cherry Jones, Jeffrey Nordling, Carlos Bernard, Colm Feore, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Janeane Garofalo, Sprague Grayden, James Morrison

Supplemental Material:
  • Select Episode Commentaries
  • 3 Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 6
  • Widescreen (1.78)
  • English (Dolby Surround 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

For the sake of those who have yet to watch ď24: Season 7Ē, or those who are looking to know a little bit more about it, allow me to preface this right at the start. Iím going to keep this as spoiler-free as humanly possible. For those who donít want to know much about season 7, itís a mediocre season at best, as the beginning is pretty slow and the ending is *shrug*. Itís not a terrible seventh try at the show, but definitely not what I was expecting. To all those still reading and want to know more about the seventh season, continue on.

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is under investigation by Senator Mayer (Kurtwood Smith) for his countless acts of torture among other things. His CTU (Counter-Terrorism-Unit) has been disbanded for the time being and he is in some big trouble. As heís being interrogated by the Senate committee for his crimes, he is whisked away by FBI agent Renee Walker (Annie Wersching) for help in stopping another possible terrorist attack on the United States of America. Meanwhile, President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) is considering going to war on another country, but is unsure of what to do. Her decision will impact millions of lives, and even though some of her cabinet disagrees with what she has to do, she realizes she has to do so soon.

Henry Taylor (Colm Feore) is the presidentís husband, and is trying to figure out what happened to his son. The death certificate said it was suicide, but Henry and Allison have disregarded that idea and he is trying to get to the bottom of whatís going on. It turns out though that his son was murdered, and not killed, and just as he is getting closer and closer to the truth he is kidnapped and held hostage by an associate of the big guy in charge of this whole terrorism plot. His life is hanging in the hands of Jack Bauer, who is dispatched along with Walker to find out more about the terrorism going on and how to put an end to it.

As the pursuit begins for the location of Henry and the terrorists who are threatening harm upon the country, Jack runs into a former colleague of his who he thought was dead (this is apparently a growing trend in this show for some reason), Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard). Tony worked for the CTU until it was disbanded, and now he appears to be a rogue agent working for the terrorists. But then it turns out heís not, but then it turns out he is, and it goes on like that for the next twenty or so episodes. Colonel Dubaku (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) is found to be the terrorist who is trying to head up the operation to harm the United States, and Bauer is sent yet again to neutralize that threat.

Of course, thatís not all that happens. After Buaku is taken care of along with his cohorts, we find out that heís not the only bad guy who is trying to harm the world. It turns out that Dubaku had a list inside of him (literally) that had the moles from the FBI who are helping the terrorists that he would give up if he was caught. Bauer and company get a hold of the list, and find out that there are tons of people who are working for the terrorists within their own walls. While they are decrypting the disc, General Juma (Tony Todd) has managed to sneak into the White House and take hostage Allison and her daughter, and demands control of the presidency. Yet again, itís up to Jack Bauer and a few others of his friends to put an end to terrorism yet again. All in a dayís work, right?

Iíve only seen bits and pieces of the other seasons on television, but this one dragged on and on. The first few episodes (as noted in one of the special features) were done to recap people and tie up some loose ends from other seasons. They are fairly boring and have little action in them, but they setup the season for the middle which is by far the best of the show. The action is crammed into several episodes, and I stayed up for an entire day to finish this show off since it became interesting after about episode eight or so.

The problem with the show lies within some of the cardboard characters. Janis (Janeane Garofalo) is a boring, outdated, and plain trivial character that could be eliminated from the cast and I doubt anyone would care. Towards the later episodes I ended up muting her whenever she talked on the screen, as her lines were just so stupid and pointless that I liked the episode more when I did so. I know Iím harsh, but Iím sure there are others who agree with me on this one. Tonyís character is also obvious, as his whole ďturncoatĒ personality didnít fly with me, as I could predict what was going to happen with him and the rest of the cast pretty accurately.

That brings me to another problem with the show: itís too easy to guess whatís going to happen. The ending was predictable, and even the guest appearance by Jackís daughter (who is in only a handful of scenes but is boring nonetheless) canít save the ending from being oblivious to what I was hoping for. Season 8 is already underway, like they would really kill off the main character right? This isnít a terrible season by any means, but I was hoping for a lot more action and less dialogue.




The Music of 24 (13 minutes): Unless you are a big music buff, Iíd recommend passing on this feature. It shows you some scenes from the show and how they constructed the music to go with it.


Hour 19 The Ambush (13 minutes): The ambush scene where the agents enter the building only to get blown up is shown. I really enjoyed this feature, as this was a great way to show fans how they made this scene come together, as it was pretty complicated.


Deleted Scenes (26 minutes): A total of fourteen scenes that didnít make it into the show are available for your viewing pleasure. The problem is they are all spread out across the day timeline, which means youíll have to rack your brain a bit to remember where they were supposed to go. It would have been way more convenient to put these on the hourís disc that they were on rather than all on one disc. These donít add too much to the story overall, but fans of the show will no doubt enjoy this more than I did.

24-7 The Untold Story (16 minutes): The crew talk about how they wrote themselves literally into a corner after the end of season six, and talk about how they had to reinvent the show to make it better because of the writersí strike. They also discuss how they went through several rewrites to make this season better than the past and also about the many retakes to get this season perfect.

There are also various commentaries available for some of the episodes, but not all. For a complete rundown, check out our Blu-ray review.


I noticed something fairly odd about the transfer, and that would be the fact that the flesh tones were off the entire season. At some points, some of the characters during close-ups appeared to have a green tint to their face, and it wasnít just in one episode as it happened in nearly every episode. Itís a minor thing, but it was fairly noticeable to me after a few minutes of seeing it. Colors were also bland, and detail wasnít the best either. Thereís also a fair amount of noise that is present in the background of the show that is distracting after a few episodes. This is just a sub-par transfer, with nothing really to compliment it on.

The audio fares slightly worse, as surround usage isnít there and even when it is used (sparingly) it sounds horrible. The explosion scenes spread throughout the twenty-four episodes are dull and flat. Dialogue itself isnít that bad, as I didnít struggle to hear anything and diction was done well enough for me to be able to understand everything. That being said, back to the surround usage and lack thereof, this is an action-oriented show. The action sequences were dull and boring sounding, which was really disappointing as I was expecting a knockout for my surround sound setup.


ď24Ē isnít the best show on television, and I have only seen bits and pieces of it so take my review with a bit of salt. The show seems to have lost its longevity and excitement, as I found myself nodding off at a few of the episodes. The technical package is fairly weak but the special features are length and there are a ton of commentaries to go through for fans of the show. Sorry, but not even Jack Bauer can save this one from being worth nothing more than a rental.