Command Performance (2009)

Genre(s): Action
First Look Studios || R - 93 minutes - $28.98 || November 3, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-11-18

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

.:: V I D E O ::.

.:: A U D I O ::.

.:: O V E R A L L ::.
Director: Dolph Lundgren
Writer(s): Dolph Lundgren and Steve Latshaw (screenplay)
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Melissa Ann Smith

Supplemental Material:

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (2.35)
  • English (5.1 Digital Surround)
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

Everyoneís favorite action superstar Dolph Lundgren returns in yet another action-packed smash hit known as Command Performance. Thereís not much else to say here, except for the fact that his latest is just like his past film I had to review, which I canít remember the name of but I do remember it was good and violent. Okay, it was violent.

Opening the film a lady gets her brains blown out and then the officer who does so shoots himself, spilling the blood over his kid. Cut to Joe (Dolph Lundgren) playing the drums in some crappy club in Moscow, Russia. His band is opening for Moscowís biggest lip-sync starlet, I mean singer, Venus (Melissa Ann Smith). The Russian President Petrov (Hristo Shopov) and his daughters are also in attendance tonight, so obviously nothing could go wrong like terrorists storm the place and kill a bunch of people. Wait that would make this movie have a plot and a bunch of other things movies normally doÖ so yes that does happen.

The terrorists are led by Oleg (Dave Legeno) and storm the concert hall to deliver a command performance. Sorry, but the name of the film is used like right at the start to horrible effect, so I just had to as well. His men quickly take control of the theater, the occupants, and also the president and his children. Joe however manages to somehow slink away and hide while this all goes down, probably by smoking that joint he was enjoying prior, and manages to kill a terrorist in the mean time. Itís now up to Joe to help save the hostages left inside, as for some reason the police task force is unable to do anything of real value for a while.

I forgot to mention, but the hero of this movie is about fifty or so years old. Yes, you read that right, a bunch of teenagers are being saved by a grandfather. A grandfather, who mind you, manages to win in a tug of war with a knife while on the ground with a much more built man at the start of the flick. Itís just too unbelievable for even me, with my incredibly shallow and pedantic tastes, to find this the least bit enjoyable. Joe manages to kill many of the terrorists in too stupid of ways that I couldnít even laugh at. Heís no Seagal, thatís for sure.

Therein lays the problem with this film, among the many I could list. Itís just not fun or entertaining in the slightest. I found myself dozing off throughout the movie, as Joe isnít exciting as a hero at all. There arenít any real action scenes except towards the end, and even those are fairly boring. Plus, the annoyance of flashback sequences as to why Joe doesnít want to go back to the US is pitiful and redundant. They might as well have made Joe a complete wuss instead of a hero, since thatís all he reminded me of the entire film. Donít come beat me up though Dolph, Iím just saying the truth man.

The only good thing I can even remotely say about this flick is the benefit of having such an incredibly hot co-star with Melissa Smith. She completely sucks at her role in this film, being the ditzy pop star and all, who flirts with Joe throughout, but Iíll be darned if sheís not one of the hottest girls Iíve seen in film today. Thatís literally the only reason Iím giving this movie two stars. If Dolph (who directed as well) had just put her in front of the screen for the entire film, this would have easily been a five star flick.


Despite the fact that the back of the box says ďInterviews with Dolph LundgrenĒ and ďBehind-the-Scenes Fight FootageĒ I was unable to locate either of these.


Surprisingly enough, the transfer on this one isnít that bad. Sure colors are a bit overblown; take for example the opening shots of the hot chick singing. You can clearly see the white colors being too bright, but that doesnít bother me that much since itís only in a few select shots that this occurs. Darkness levels on the other hand were quite manageable, and much to my chagrin, contrast wasnít an issue either. There were also little spots of grain and noise that did plague the movie from time to time, but otherwise this is (dare I say it) a great transfer for a terrible film.

This is a loud and engaging track for the action sequences found within, or the kill scenes for that matter, but thatís all the enjoyment you will get out of it. Parts of the movie are subtitled, which is a pain, although the biggest pain comes from the actual dialogue itself. Itís incredibly light on the volume scale, and then once the action sequences hit I had to tweak it several times to avoid blowing a speaker or seven out. This needed a bit of tweaking in the long run of things, but overall it does a good job.


It seems heavily unfair to rate a movie that says it has special features and then doesnít when you review it, but I have to since it is my job. The only thing redeemable here is the hot Melissa Smith, who I hope stars in every movie that comes out that I go see in theaters. Other than her, this isnít worth a rental. Hey Melissa, if youíre ever in my zip code, hit me up please?