Date Night (2010)

Genre(s): Comedy / Romance
Fox || PG13 - 102 minutes - $29.99 || August 10, 2010
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2010-07-25

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

.:: V I D E O ::.

.:: A U D I O ::.

.:: O V E R A L L ::.
Director: Shawn Levy
Writer(s): Josh Klausner (written by)
Cast: Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg

Theatrical Release Date: April 9, 2010

Supplemental Material:
  • 5 Featurettes

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (2.35)
  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French

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.::THE FILM::.

I was hoping that Date Night would be a great comedy, as though it did pretty well at the box-office a few months back. Sadly though, I was treated to a rather mundane comedy with laughter spread out every ten or so minutes. The film tries to rely more on one-liners rather than a steady stream of jokes and fails for the most part because of that idea. Thatís not to say the movie is a complete dud, but the most part this isnít your best choice for a Friday night flick.

Phil (Steve Carell) and Claire (Tina Fey) Foster are an incredibly unhappily-married couple that are living a life of misery. The two rarely do anything intimate, barely communicate, and tend to loathe what the other does at the home. They go out on their usual date night (go figure, way to use the title of the movie multiple times) and Phil decides that for once the two need to be more adventurous with their lives. They hear the waitress calling for a couple known as the Triple Horns and he says that they are them, and they are promptly seated. However, thatís when the night starts going terribly wrong.

They are approached by Armstrong (Jimmi Simpson) and Collins (Common) who asks the couple to step outside. It turns out that Armstrong and Collins are going to kill the Fosters unless they give up the flash drive they have stashed somewhere. They pull out their guns and Phil is forced to make up a location of where the drive is at, which happens to be a boat house in the park. After managing to escape from the goons, they head to the police station where Detective Arroyo (Taraji P. Henson) interviews them about the night. But while there, the Fosters find something disturbing: Armstrong and Collins are actually cops! Can the unhappy couple get happy somehow and solve the mystery of the flash drive, or will they forever be stuck on an awful date night?

Sorry, I had to use the name of the film again, my apologies. Moving on, the film is a comedy yet failed to make me laugh on a consistent basis which is obviously a problem for such a flick. Carell is at his honest worse here since that stupid movie about the animals and the ark from a few years back. Fey Iíve never really found that entertaining but sheís a ton funnier on her network show than she is here. I get the fact that the couple arenít really in love and are struggling, but the jokes provided by the two become old real fast. The only redeeming cast member here is Mark Wahlberg, who managed to make me laugh most of the time he was on the screen. Why canít he be in more comedies? Or had a starring role in this flick? Heís entertaining!

Alright, Iíll admit, I never thought Iíd write that Wahlberg is a funny guy, but he manages to carry this movie. As I said before, the jokes here are old and dull. The whole ďOh look itís Will.I.Am. from Fergie!Ē made me chuckle a bit although I doubt people who arenít familiar with the music scene will understand the gag. The other issue, other than the multitude of lame jokes, is the runtime. The movie struggles to make a decent pacing and as such tends to run really dry after ten or so minutes of a lack of laughter. The plot twist at the end is not needed for a comedy like this as though people go to a comedy for laughter and not some stupid twist that makes my favorite horror series look like a masterpiece.

This is a movie that had some serious potential. The premise is a great one, the cast superb, and the direction of the movie should have been awesome. Instead, we get a merely average film with jokes too far and between, a longer than normal runtime, and too much of an in-depth story for most people to care for after a little while.


Alt City (2 minutes): Outtakes from the movie are shown. There are a few here that are funny, but at only two minutes long I was left solely disappointed.

Directing 301 (22 minutes): The movie is discussed by the crew and some of the shots from the film are available for you to see how they were made. I didnít find this too exciting though, as the cast isnít all that interesting or entertaining to listen to the entire twenty-minutes and this dragged on and on. Levy is conversational enough to hold some peopleís interests, just not mine.

Directing Off Camera (4 minutes): Levy yet again has a feature dedicated to him that involves showing you how some of the scenes were made and how much work he does for the flick. Iím sure film majors will enjoy this and all others should look elsewhere for entertainment value.

Gag Reel (6 minutes): By far the best extra on the disc, which honestly isnít saying too much. The cast screws up lines and laughs about it. Yup, thatís really all there is to this extra.

PSAís (2 minutes): Three different PSAís are shown where the cast jokes around about the film and attempts you to get to see their flick. These are somewhat funny, but after the second out of three I was bored.


Sadly enough, this transfer isnít exactly eye-popping candy as I was hoping. There are several scenes encased with grain and noise that had me struggling to view the movie due to the sheer amount of problems within the runtime. Flesh tones at times didnít look appropriate either, which as usual isnít something that I enjoy having to write about. Take into account that blacks were heavy throughout the movie compared to other colors and somewhat overblown, this track suffers from just being average in a world where above-average and excellent exist. I think that due to the fact this is merely a comedy and not a great big action or animated film the transfer process was merely overlooked, but (as below) Iíve seen much better from Fox.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track that comes with the movie isnít exactly the best for a comedy but then again it doesnít provide anything majorly negative about it. The track is mediocre in terms of engaging the surround sound system, as though only a few times did I hear my rears going off throughout the movie. Dialogue was a bit all over the place the entire movie, which was the main problem I have with this track. There were points when I could hear the dialogue perfectly, and then suddenly next scene the dialogue levels dropped and I had to tweak the levels. Iíve heard better DVDís from Fox recently, so chalk this one down as disappointing.


Date Night isnít exactly a knockout comedy and it falls somewhere in the mediocre category for Carell and Fey. Theyíve both been in better films and the supporting cast fails to bring anything to the table in terms of entertainment. I canít accurately rate the technical side of the DVD but the special features for the most part are a snore, similar to the film itself. Iíd say this is probably best served as a rental for a Friday night and nothing more.