Direct Contact (2008) [Blu-ray]

Genre(s): Action
First Look Studios || R - 90 minutes - $29.98 || June 2, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-06-04

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

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Director: Danny Lerner
Writer(s): Danny Lerner (story), Les Weldon (screenplay)
Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Gina May

Supplemental Material:

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (1.78)
  • English (Digital Surround 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

So I was going to attempt to write down the plot to this movie and try to explain it while I watched the film itself, but then I gave up shortly after about ten minutes into the movie. This is such a terrible movie that it was no surprise to me that it wasnít released in theaters in the USA, which normally is a bad sign. Direct Contact is one movie that I donít understand, nor do I honestly care to want to.

Some guy named Mike (Dolph Lundgren) is imprisoned for killing a bunch of people or something like that, but gets rescued from jail in return for rescuing Ana (Gina May) from behind enemy lines. Mike is really creative in how he gets people who need rescuing rescued, and by creative I mean he walks in all Seagal like with guns blazing, never reloading, and killing about forty more people than he needed to get the job done. Normally I like these types of films, but I got bored shortly after he rescues Ana.

It turns out that the guy who asked Mike (which by the way is such a stupid name for the hero of an action flick, Mike. How plain and mundane is that?) is really Anaís father, and Mike didnít actually kidnap her. Gasp! Ana was at a refugee camp helping the people there out for a reason that doesnít matter and she happens to be incredibly ticked off that sheís being brought back to her father under Mikeís orders. Ana and Mike fight about whether he should take her back home or not, but it soon comes under Mikeís nose that all is not right in his world.

By not right, I mean the fact that everywhere they go they run into some hired hitmen, some government agents trying to kill them, etc. How many soldiers and cronies do bad guys have in movies these days? Is there like a store they buy them at in case they run out? Anyways, so after killing like tons more people, Mike and Ana end up getting it on since somehow women get turned on by guys who kill others and donít manage to get hurt themselves. I need to get a new job if thatís how real life actually is. Oh, and thereís some really obvious plot about who Ana really is. No I already ruined that. Thereís a great twist on how the government is trying to kill Mike now that his usefulness ran dry and they need Ana to sign a document. No wait I also ruined that.

Dang, I guess I just ruined the entire movie pretty much. I just saved you a long ninety minute runtime that you could be doing so many other things with. The acting is awful, not even Seagal himself could write worse lines than this monstrosity. The characters are also so flawed that itís unbelievable, as is the plot. Itís also too predictable (yes, even for me) to enjoy, and as such, I canít recommend even watching this. Note, Iím only giving this a star since there were like two cool death scenes in the movie. Thatís it, thereís no real reason to see this one.




The film is presented with issues right off the bat for viewers. There is a great amount of noise, distortion, dust, dirt, and everything else that can go wrong with a transfer in the first few minutes. The color palette is also bland and presents itself in a rather pale color and outlook for the duration. There isnít anything I can really say about this one other than the fact that itís almost better that it looks so bad, as it might pursue people not to want to watch the rest of the movie.

The Digital Surround 5.1 track is a non-high-def track that disappoints for an action movie. The action sequences sound dull and flat, and surround use is minimal at best. The fact that there are still movies being released on Blu-Ray that donít contain a high-def track still amazes me to this day. This track is so light on the dialogue and inconsistent that an upgrade is severely needed for this sound even passable, and since there isnít one, this is a horrible track.


Even being a fan of the bad thriller or action movies, I canít even recommend this as a rental. The plot is just too stupid for even me to believe, the characters mundane, and everything else in this movie just doesnít belong. There is also nothing in the special features category, and the fact the technical package is lacking a high-def audio track shows a clear sign that this is one to avoid direct contact with. Get it? I used the nameÖ oh forget it.