Disney Animation Collection 4: The Tortoise and the Hare (1935)

Genre(s): Animation
Disney || G - 65 minutes - $19.99 || May 12, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-06-04

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

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Director: NA
Writer(s): NA
Cast: NA

Theatrical Release Date: January 5, 1935

Supplemental Material:

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Full Frame (1.33)
  • English (Dolby Digital 2.0)
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

This collection has a total of six different classic Disney short films contained on it, which are: ďThe Tortoise and the HareĒ, ďBabes in the WoodsĒ, ďThe Saga of Windwagon SmithĒ, ďThe Goddess of SpringĒ, ďToby Tortoise ReturnsĒ and ďPaul BunyanĒ.

Odds are you know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, but for the sake of the few who donít, Iíll explain briefly. The tortoise is a mellow turtle that is having a race with a cocky hare. The rabbit thinks heís the best at everything, and challenges the turtle to a race. The rabbit however gets too cocky about the whole thing, and ends up losing to the slow turtle because of his actions. Itís a cute cartoon that teaches kids and adults that going too fast and bragging about being good sometimes doesnít give you the best results in life. I enjoyed this one a ton, as though itís funny in the sense that people actually do act like this in real life and need to see this cartoon and change right away.

Babes in the Woods is an incredibly odd tale that is about a couple who is walking through the woods one day and stumbles upon a village of gnomes. As they are passing through a wicked witch flies in and spots the couple and wrecks havoc upon them. This was a fairly weird tale that I never remember hearing about as a child, and now I see why. Thereís no real plot here nor is there any excitement or entertainment to be had here. Itís a shame that after such a strong first cartoon that it dipped to this one.

Continuing the string of odd cartoons, the Goddess of Spring is just as weird as the aforementioned cartoon. I watched this one twice and still have no idea what itís about, as thereís something to do with some sort of devil-like creature that comes by and visits some Goddess and takes away spring or something of that nature. This one doesnít fit into the typical Disney cartoon formula at all, and Iím wondering why itís on this disc at all. It doesnít blend in well with the others on this disc, and it doesnít feel like a cartoon either.

Toby Tortoise Returns is nearly a replica of the first in the series on this DVD, as it pits the rabbit and the tortoise in a boxing match against one another. Why does the rabbit hate the tortoise so much, I donít get it? This one is nearly as good as the first one, as for some reason I found the turtle to be funny in his antics and the rabbit as well. This oneís entertaining and funny, but it is a tad short which is disappointing.

Paul Bunyan is a lumberjack who started out as a giant kid, and grew up into a giant. He leaves the town he grew up in to roam the world where he ends up meeting his best friend, a giant blue ox. This is yet another cartoon that lets everyone know itís okay to be different, unless of course you are a giant with a blue ox as a best friend. This isnít the sets strongest cartoon, but itís one of the better ones in comparison to the woods and spring ones.

Finally, the Saga of Windwagon Smith, which is the story of a captain who instead of using a wagon like everyone else is in this time era, he builds a wagon ship. He uses the wagon ship he created to sail on the grassy knolls of the area, instead of the water. Itís not as funny as it sounds, as it gets old really quickly and the main character isnít likeable in any sense of the word. Just like a few of the others, this one just doesnít belong here on this disc.

This one is really hit and miss. I only liked half of this set, and the other half was boring and contrived. I think that the younger audiences will probably enjoy the three I liked, but the other three just donít seem appropriate or entertaining to those with a wandering mind, or just one that doesnít find things funny.


There are no special features to be found on the disc.


Considering that one of these movies is in black and white, and the rest have a terrible color palette, there isnít much to go on here that is exciting to write about. Thereís a fair amount of noise and distortion, but considering that these are so old Iím not really faulting them for anything major. These look nearly identical to how they looked back in the day to be honest, as the color palette is outdated for its time and so is the color scheme. This isnít demo material, but odds are these are the best these cartoons will ever look.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 track accompanying these movies doesnít help a lot either, as dialogue wasnít even in a few of the cartoons and when it was used it sounded low and muffled. I was disappointed with the addition of a 2.0 track, but an upgrade to a 5.1 probably wouldnít have helped much either. Just like the video, the audio is about as good as itís ever going to sound, so take it with a grain of salt.


I only enjoyed three out of the six available on this disc, as the tortoise and the hare ones and the Bunyan one were the only ones that I could find entertaining. The others just didnít belong on the disc and they werenít as funny as the aforementioned titles. As usual, fans of Disney who just have to own all their DVDís will get this one regardless of what I say, but all others should probably use this as a rental before making a purchase for their son or daughter.