Doom (2005) - Unrated Extended Edition [Blu-ray]

Genre(s): Action / Horror
Universal || Unrated - 113 minutes - $29.98 || February 10, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-02-15

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

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B L U - R A Y

Blu-ray Exclusives

.:: O V E R A L L ::.
Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Writer(s): Dave Callaham (story), Dave Callaham and Wesley Strick (screenplay)
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Ben Daniels, Razaaq Adoti

Theatrical Release Date: October 21, 2005

Supplemental Material:
  • 5 Featurettes
  • BD-Live

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (2.35)
  • English (DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1), Spanish (DTS 5.1), French (DTS 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French

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.::THE FILM::.

I got my haircut today. I am a blonde again as my emo black hair is no more. Thereís no real transition here, just wanted to share that with you.

Set in some weird far off world where science rules the land, a group of scientists fiddled with good ole mother nature and created something deadly. Normally thatís how every horror movie starts, and this is no different. Wonít scientists ever learn to stop screwing around and making monsters that eat and kill people? Why not just one or the other?

Sarge (Dwayne Johnson) is given orders from a higher up to lead his crew, which contains several other marines including John (Karl Urban), Goat (Ben Daniels), Duke (Razaaq Adoti), Dean Portman (Richard Blake) and a few others but since itís a horror film their names donít matter, to find out what happened on the planet and rescue any survivors. The troops have no idea what went on though, since the last transmission from the head doctor didnít reveal too much, but they go in all suited up with assault rifles and other gear in case of an emergency.

Also accompanying the group is Johnís sister Samantha (Rosamund Pike) who joins to be the brains of the operation and analyze any data that the group may find to figure out what went down at the center. Upon arrival at the location, the group splits up to explore the facility only to find no one alive, and something they thought would only be alive in their nightmares.

As the squad tries to find survivors, it becomes abundantly clear that there is no one left alive, only monsters roaming the place. They end up encountering monsters that slowly pick off the group one by one until only a few remain, including Sarge, John, Samantha, and Duke. Samantha however does make an interesting note about who the monsters actually are, and even though itís fairly obvious if youíve ever played the Doom video game series, itís a decent twist. To make matters worse for the dwindling group, the place will be quarantined and will refuse to let them out, thus trapping them forever in this hellhole. Can the group make it out alive and let the world know about the monsters, or does Sarge have different plans for them?

All in all, I went into this film not expecting too much, but in return I was greeting with a fairly well-done movie. The characters are believable, including Johnson as Sarge. Itís also great to report that the deaths are also violent and bloody, and the monsters actually look pretty dang sweet. Iím not exactly sure what the unrated version added that wasnít in the film, but Iím betting it was probably a bunch of swears and more violence and gore.

Thereís also a great treat for fans of the video game series near the end of the flick. I wonít spoil it, but if you donít want to know what it is I suggest you donít read the special features below. This is overall a great movie, even though it is one of those dreaded video game adaptations.


Basic Training (10 minutes): A look at how the cast had to go through training with military personnel for the flick. Itís an interesting look at how extensive the training was with the guns and movement of the group.

Rock Formation (5 minutes): This shows how Dwayne transformed from himself into the monster shown later in the film. It must be rough to sit there for multiple hours just to get make-up on for a few scenes.

Master Monster Makers (11 minutes): A really cool look at the monsters featured in the film and how they were created. Definitely check this out, as itís a pretty knowledgeable feature for those who enjoyed the monsters from the movie.

First-Person Shooter Sequence (6 minutes): Another well-done feature that deals with the first-person shooting sequence (obviously) that happens at the end of the movie. It shows you how it was filmed and how much time and effort was put into it.

Doom Nation (15 minutes): The cast and other video game related people discuss the fascination with doom and how it sparked a nation of blood and violence.

Game On! (7 minutes): In case you were one of the few people who didnít play Doom 3 for the PC or the XBOX when it came out, this is your chance to check it out with a tiny feature about the game. For some reason the commentator is bleeped for swearing, yet Dwayne swears numerous times in the other features. Odd?


BD-LIVE Ė The normal BD-LIVE is available on this disc, it lets you access trailers from other films and share your favorite scenes with friends.


For the video, this is yet another fine release from Universal who are playing catch-up with previous HD/DVD releases from a year or two prior. Colors are bright and for the most part flesh tones present great color and depth. However, contrast is an issue as though most of the movie is in the dark (the sewer scene especially) and grain is a huge problem for some of it. Other than that, this is a splendid video picture.

The audio side I have nothing but incredible things to say about. From start to finish the film rocked my setup and at one point managed to knock over my shelf near my television. The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track is an amazing one, and thatís putting it mildly. Every gun blast, creature blown up, anything to do with action is ear-boggling for how loud it can be and just how lifelike it is. This is demo material for sure, as though there is rarely a dry point in the movie. There were a few points where the audio levels for dialogues were a bit low or the background noise overpowered them, but thatís a small issue and I didnít deduct any stars from it. A+ soundtrack for sure.


While Doom isnít a masterpiece by any means, itís still a video game movie that is far better than some of the other garbage thatís come out in recent years. There are a few jump moments that even veterans of the action and horror genre got to me, and the story is rather good as well. On the technical side of things, the audio is a complete knock out and the video is pleasant. The special features though are somewhat lacking, but I doubt this will ever get rereleased with more features. This is without a doubt demo material, so donít hesitate to pick it up. Otherwise, you might meet your doom. Like the movie title, get it?