Driven to Kill (2009)

Genre(s): Action
Fox || R - 98 minutes - $22.98 || May 19, 2009
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-05-19

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The Film

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Special Features

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Director: Jeff King
Writer(s): NA
Cast: Steven Seagal, Laura Mennell

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Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (1.85)
  • English (Dolby Surround 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

Yes, itís that time again folks. Your favorite Steven Seagal reviewer, me, has the opportunity yet again to tell you about his latest direct-to-DVD film, Driven to Kill. Itís not quite up to par with his past movies, but it still gets the job done. For those who donít know, Seagal runs around for the duration of the film and kills everyone he comes into contact with trying to find something or someone. Also, when he does kill someone, he always has a witty line or retort that makes me nearly die from laughing. So letís get onto the mayhem and carnage.

Ruslan (Steven Seagal) is sitting in a cafť with some hot girl. She begs him to show him the magic trick with the spike and fill her in on how he does it. She says that if he tells her the secret then sheíll sleep with him along with her friend. He says okay, and she pulls out three plastic cups and puts a spike underneath one of them. The woman rearranges the cups and tells him to shut his eyes while she does so, and lets him open them a short time later. He raises his hands in the air and slams them down on the two cups that didnít have the spike in it, and she is amazed at his talent. She asks him how he knew which one didnít have the spike underneath it, and he says he didnít. Ruslan says that he just ďdidnít give a ****.Ē I know, thatís the opening scene to the film and already a hilarious line, it gets better from there trust me.

While working on his computer, his ex-wife calls him to let her know that his daughter is getting married to a refuted mobster. Ruslan isnít too happy about it, but his daughter wants him to be there for the wedding and he goes there for support. Before heading to his daughterís house, he stops off at a bar and meets the barkeep who he hasnít seen in nine years. He lets him know that heís only here on personal business, and not for any other matter and to be left alone. The bar keep warns him to be careful in the area and gives him a satchel full of money along with a little pistol. Upon leaving he runs into two idiots who try to accost him and beat him up, and Ruslan warns them not to provoke him. Of course, they do so and Ruslan kicks the crap out of the one and makes the other get down on his knees. Ruslan tells the guy on his knees heís going to be punished for his bad joke and promptly kicks him in the head and he falls into a cabinet behind the idiot.

He arrives at the house to meet his ex-wife Catherine (Inna Korobkina) and her husband, who compliments him on his accomplishments as a writer. Ruslan shrugs it off and says heís just here for his daughter and nothing else. He heads upstairs to see Lanie (Laura Mennell) and the two bond since itís been so long. She introduces him to her fiancť Stephan (Dmitry Chepovetsky) and Rusland wants to spend some time with him to get to know Stephan a little better. Ruslan warns Stephan that heís getting his daughter involved with something he shouldnít and lets him know he doesnít like him due to his mob associations.

Ruslan gives his daughter a gift from his mother for the wedding, a ring, and she willingly takes it. Stephan and Catherineís husband walk in and get angry about the ring, but Lanie lets them know sheís going to wear it and itís not that big of a deal. Stephan leaves for the church and Ruslan heads to the bar, but he gets a call from the police that disturbs him. It turns out that while they were gone someone broke into the house and murdered Catherine and tried to kill Lanie as well. Itís up to Ruslan to find out who committed the crime, and maybe in between finding the killer he might just kill a few hundred people along the way.

Contrary to what most people think, Seagal is a great actor. This movie showed more of his emotional side rather than killing people side, and it works. The supporting cast doesnít really add much to the film, as they are too few and far in between. The ending is somewhat plausible, although you should know what happens at the end since it is a Seagal movie. The complaint I have about this one is that the characters are never really defined as they are in past movies, and the plot is given up too easily in the start. Other than that though, this is another great Seagal movie.


The search for a film with a Seagal Commentary or one with any extras continue...


Due to this being a watermarked screener, I canít accurately rate the video. When a non-watermarked copy comes in I will update the score accordingly.

The Dolby Surround 5.1 track is loud, engaging, and sounds darn good for a DVD release. From start to finish the track pummeled out the dialogue in loud levels and also used surround decently. The complaint I have is that at times the dialogue was too loud and inconsistent from scene to scene, and also the surround use while good wasnít up to par with past releases Iíve watched. That being said though, this is still an amicable track that deserves notice for being above-average.


For all the Seagal fans out there, heís back and in his true form. I recommend Driven to Kill as an easy rental for those curious since this is his first movie in roughly a year, and to all of his fans this is worth a purchase. Come on now, we doesnít enjoy some guy beating the crap out of tons of people and always coming up with something witty to say? Boy, I need to find out how to apply for that job. Anyways, drive out to pick this one up.