The Hills: The Complete Second Season (2007)

Genre(s): Drama
MTV || NR - 247 minutes - $38.99 || August 7th, 2007
Reviewer: Brian Oliver || Posted On: 2007-08-06

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Special Features

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Audio and Video

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Director: NA
Writer(s): NA
Cast: Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge

Theatrical Release Date: NA

Supplemental Material:
  • Select Scene Cast Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Cast Interviews
  • 2 Featurettes
  • The Hills Remixes
  • Virtual MTV: The Hills (Promotional)
  • Previews

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Widescreen (1.78)
  • English (Dolby Digital Stereo)
  • Subtitles: None

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“The Hills” begins its second season with the usual drama one is used to. I actually never watched season one but if you’re already accustomed with “Laguna Beach”, it’s basically the same except set in Los Angeles and “stars” Lauren for the aforementioned popular MTV reality series.

While a show like “Laguna Beach” is at times grating and the people shallow and obnoxious, “The Hills” isn’t as bad, but at times it is close. Season two finds Lauren returning to her intern job at Teen Vogue after breaking up with on again off again boyfriend Jason. She returns to a job where she must prove herself after turning down a trip to Paris (for Jason) and almost must deal with some two-faced friends and the dramatic consequences.

Some of the storylines contained within 12-episodes include fights between Heidi, Lauren’s roommate, and Audrina; Heidi’s tenuous relationship with player Spencer; Heidi versus Lauren because of Spencer, Lauren versus Jen (her oldest friend) because of a hook-up with Spencer’s friend, Brody and I’m sure I’m missing some other fight. There’s also a story involving Lauren’s co-intern, Whitney, as she tries to become a full employee within the Vogue company.

Although not as interesting as “Laguna Beach”, “The Hills” features stories that are semi-compelling. Just like “Laguna”, the format is the same with set-up shots and expertly timed current pop music -- Avril Lavigne’s “When You’re Gone” and a Kelly Clarkson song I’m sure was used as well -- placed over “gripping” dramatic scenes.

Whether this is real, I guess Lauren at times might be a pushover or Heidi is really a big beeyotch, but obviously some of it is propped up using editing techniques or merely general camera envy. You know what? I don’t care. I enjoyed it for what it was and I think “Laguna Beach” is a better show, “The Hills” has its moments.

Episode Breakdown:
01 - Out with the Old...
02 - When You Least Expect It
03 - The Best Night Ever
04 - Who Do You Trust?
05 - One Big Interruption
06 - You Have Chosen
07 - With Friends Like These...
08 - Enough is Enough
09 - New Year, New Friends
10 - Apology Not Accepted
11 - Everybody Falls
12 - Goodbye for Now


The menu system is nice but it looks like the same team that did the “Lost” TV sets (including transition menu sounds) did the one here. All the features are either full screen or non-anamorphic widescreen.

Featurettes - Two featurettes cover the girls experiences for promotional work on the second season. First is a photo shoot (12:42) where the ladies get their hair and makeup done for pictures that will be later used on this very DVD within the slim-cases and the other covers the premiere party (2:33) with the “cast” on the red carpet.

Cast Commentary (65:14) - There are select scene commentaries split in pairs: Audrina and Heidi (4 scenes), Lauren and Audrina (9 scenes) and Lauren and Whitney (8 scenes). Each features whichever pair and insights into what they were thinking (especially Lauren and her first kiss with Brody). It’s actually quite entertaining listening to the ladies and how they felt while watching the scenes. There are a few options how to watch them: play all the scenes from the three groups, play all from the individual group or watch them one at a time.

The Hills Remixes (11:20) - This “After Show” special (might’ve been online) and just compiles snippets from the show that have something in common (the number of times they say “hello” answering the phone; when Heidi makes Spencer think she might be pregnant and other funny compilations.

Deleted Scenes (45:14) - Scenes/footage that MTV couldn’t/wouldn’t include on the show. These were taken out not just because of an issue of time but they also can be repetitive. After 20-some odd scenes, it wraps with a parody of Heidi and Lauren played by a comedy duo.

Cast Interviews (50:14) - Now you can get more insight and comments from Heidi, Whitney, Audrina and Lauren on different topics that cropped up during this season. You can watch them individually or there is a “Play All” option.

There’s also a promo for Virtual MTV: The Hills and other MTV previews.



The show is presented in anamorphic widescreen and everything looks fine, though at times there seemed to be issues with over-saturation on some of the faces. I think portions were shot using a digital camera so that might be a part of it.

The Dolby Digital Stereo is suitable and works either using the television speakers or surround sound system. This is a dialogue heavy show with the insertions of pop songs so it didn’t need to be mind-blowing.


Like “Laguna Beach”, “The Hills” is a good guilty pleasure. Perhaps it’s a lot like junk food, but I still like it. MTV put together a nice set filled with as much material as I think is possible for a series like this. The cast commentary was a nice touch to get a little more from the ladies about their experiences.