Kill Switch (2008)

Genre(s): Action
First Look Studios || R - 96 minutes - $28.98 || October 7, 2008
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2009-05-03

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The Film

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Special Features

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Director: Jeff King
Writer(s): Steven Seagal (written by)
Cast: Steven Seagal, Holly Dignard

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Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (1.66)
  • English (Dolby Digital Surround 5.1), English (Stereo 2.0)
  • Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

I once joked around that it felt like some movies use one of those “Mad Lib” books to write some movies. You know those books right? They had a story with some spaces that you could fill in and it could be funny if you used hilarious words over and over again. There’s a reason why I’m talking about the books, so keep reading. Kill Switch is exactly that kind of movie, not just because it follows the same pattern as other Seagal films…wait it does, sorry. It’s exactly like almost every other one of his movies, but this one is recent and he has better quips than the rest of his flicks.

Detective Jacob King (Steven Seagal) is trying to save some stranger who has a bomb hooked up to her insides that is set to go off unless he finds out which cord to cut. King quickly heads out to the people who put the bomb in the girl and proceeds to kick the crap out of them (this happens throughout the film, but it’s entertaining). By kick the crap out of them, I mean throw them into windows, mirrors, beat them with his fists, etc. He finds Billy Joel Hill (Mark Collie), the ring leader of the criminals, and yet again beats the tar out of him until he gives up which cord to cut. King thinks it’s odd that he beat him within an inch of his life that he gave up the cord for the bomb squad to cut, so he tells them the opposite color and the woman is saved.

By far the funniest scene in the entire film happens next, when King takes Hill and throws him out of the window, and says on the radio that he thinks he dropped something. Hill plummets a few stories and lands on the ground convulsing. He’s still alive, but barely. After a few more hilarious lines from King, one of which involves getting him some water, they take Hill into the police station to get arrested and processed. Meanwhile across town hookers are being picked up and brutally murdered by a man named Lazereus (Michael Filipowich). King and his partner Anderson (Chris Thomas King) head off to see the Coroner (Isaac Hayes) and find out more about the girl. He lets the two police officers know that this is turning into a string of murders in town, and they need to find out what’s going on. In true style, King heads off on his own to find the girl’s pimp, since she was a hooker after all, and visits some random bar in town to find out more info.

You probably know what’s coming next, he finds the pimp but he’s not exactly talkative. After sweet talking the waitress who’s working the night shift, she points him in his direction. Seeing this, the pimp gets ticked off and has his friends try and beat up King. That doesn’t go over so well, as King man-handles the group of roughly three people, then once again pummels the pimp until he gives up some information about the dead girl. He slams the pimp’s mouth into the bar and continues smashing the back of his head for a minute or so until he gives him the information he’s looking for, and heads off to find Lazereus.

Hill gets released from police custody, and since he was beaten nearly to death by King, he’s let off the hook and bailed out of jail. His lawyer and two others accompany him, and Hill pulls out his knife and promptly kills the three people. Another agent is assigned to the case, Frankie Miller (Holly Dignard) who thinks that King is nothing more than a bad cop who goes around killing people and getting justice his way and no other. That’s true, but it’s up now to King and King alone to find Lazereus, catch Hill again, and prove that he’s innocent about being a bad cop.

I loved this film as much as I have every other Seagal flick, but the one thing keeping this from being perfect lies in the story: the killer murders people based on some astrology crap. Note to movie makers for action movies: we do not care about some far out there story, we want action, action, and darnet more action. If I wanted to watch a movie with a story I’d go rent Titanic. Otherwise, this is a flawless action flick that had me laughing throughout most of it, which is a good thing since I enjoyed it.


In true Seagal form, there are no special features to be had. It’s ironic to note though on the back of the box it says “special features not rated.”


Colors look great for the flick, bright and vibrant. There weren’t any issues with them being too soft or overblown, which is quite a surprise in my opinion. I also didn’t have any problems with the contrast of the film, as levels concerning the black colors were fine and didn’t present a problem in the viewing of it. Flesh tones were also decent, but in a few scenes some of the cast did appear a bit duller than the rest of the movie, although it was a small problem and didn’t take away much from the flick. Grain is also somewhat apparent in a few of the scenes, mainly the darker ones, but once again this isn’t as taxing as most films that have it.

The Dolby Digital Surround 5.1 track that comes with the movie does it job, but not to the level I had hoped it would. Surround use is somewhat limited throughout the movie, as there were only a few scenes that I recall the rears ever being used in some fashion. There were a few spots though that when they were used sounded great, and also on the positive side is that dialogue levels were great. They were consistent, loud, and crisp when the characters spoke. The sole letdown of the movie’s audio comes with the action sequences not sounding as good as they could sound. I know it seems odd to say, but I just didn’t “feel” Seagal kicking the crap out of people like I had hoped for. There wasn’t enough “oomph” for this to be a phenomenal audio track, but it does come close.


While the story is way too out there for most fans of Seagal, the action sequences more than make up for it. That, and the fact his one-liners are back and better than ever! The video and audio look and sound great as well, respectively. The only downside, as usual for his films, is the lack of any bonus features what so ever. Don’t let that dismay you though; this is well worth a purchase. This is a switch to turn on and buy right away, just be prepared for the hilarity and action that will soon ensue.