Life After People: The Series: The Complete Season Two (2009) [Blu-ray]

Genre(s): Documentary
New Video || NR - 470 minutes - $39.95 || July 27, 2010
Reviewer: Brian Oliver || Posted On: 2010-07-31

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The History Channel is an interesting network where you get a variety of programming ranging from actual historical series like “The Story of Us” to reality shows including “Ice Road Truckers” and “UFO Hunters”, neither show has absolutely nothing to do with, you know, history. I think perhaps “Life After People: The Series” falls in between the two areas.

What was originally going to be a TV special, the History Channel spawned “The Life After People” into a weekly, 45-minute long, series. I recall seeing advertising for the show every so often but didn’t have the drive to actually either tune in live or even set my DVR to record it. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to finally catch it on Blu-ray, I jumped at it... and was slightly disappointed with the experience.

The problem I have with this as a series is, while it might be interesting to see what life would be like if humans mysteriously disappeared and how all the manmade structures would succumb to natural environments, seeing it in each episode under one subject heading gets a bit tedious after a while. Some of the subjects have a tenuious connectivity to the episode as demonstrated in the season premiere, ‘Wrath of God’. In this episode, the series examines what would happen to the various religious institutes from the Vatican to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and they make a connection to sheep from a stain glass window inside a church to how the population of sheep would be in danger as their guard dogs might become thinly mixed with lesser breeds (since there’s a certain dog bred to only guard the sheep).

That’s only one example as each episode is basically the same taking us 1 day after, 2 days after, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years... etc. etc. to see what these structures will look like 500 years after the disappearance of mankind.

I know some find all of this fascinating but for me I was kind of bored with the whole thing. I readily accepted that the purpose of “Life After People” is not to examine what happened to humans but the aftermath of their disappearance. I have to ask: why should I care? I find it far more interesting to find out what could end the human race and hear from the experts of why or why it isn’t likely to happen, so this series never really did it for me, sadly enough.

Here is the episode breakdown:
01. Wrath of God
02. Toxic Revenge
03. Crypt of Civilization
04. The Last Supper
05. Home Wrecked Homes
06. Holiday Hell
07. Waves of Devastation
08. Sky’s the Limit
09. Depths of Destruction
10. Take Me to Your Leader

Given how each episode follows the same formula and has over the course of two seasons and 20 episodes, I’m not sure where else the series can go before it really wears out its welcome. I’m sure there are many that find the show beyond fascinating based on its impressive 5.4 million viewer documentary debut (which is why the series was created), but for me I have little incentive to watch this show again.


The 2-disc Blu-ray set comes in a standard double disc BD case. There are no features at all with this release.


“Life After People” comes to Blu-ray presented in 1080i high-definition and looks good in HD. The show is a mixture of CGI and live footage so some parts might not look pretty than others, but overall it’s a decent video presentation, though it’s not something anyone will be wowed over either.

The DTS-HD Master Audio track is in simple stereo but really, given most of these episodes are primarily dialogue driven with some sound effects thrown in for dramatic effect, I’m not too disappointed with it. That said, some parts tend to sound muffled so it’s only an average lossless audio track.


I know there are plenty of fans for “Life After People”, but I found the series to be, for the most part, on the boring side. I think the concept is very interesting and the CGI looks very good for a TV series on this scale, but the execution could’ve been so much better.