Mother of Tears (2007) - Unrated

Genre(s): Fantasy / Horror / Thriller
Dimension Extreme || Unrated - 102 minutes - $19.98 || September 23, 2008
Reviewer: Brian Oliver || Posted On: 2008-11-02

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

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Director: Dario Argento
Writer(s): Dario Agento (story), Dario Argento & Jace Anderson & Adam Gierasch (screenplay)
Cast: Asia Argento, Udo Kier

Theatrical Release Date: June 6, 2008

Supplemental Material:
  • The Making of Mother of Tears
  • A Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Dario Argento
  • U.S. Trailer
  • Italian Teaser

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (2.35)
  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

One of the most surreal moments watching Mother of Tears -- is seeing Asia Argento running from a rabid, snarling, monstrous... monkey. One wonders what tomorrow will bring.

Mother of Tears is the conclusion to the ďThree MothersĒ trilogy by Dario Argento who began the series in 1977 with Suspiria and Inferno in 1980. In all honesty, I knew nothing of this ďtrilogyĒ as Iím only a, at best, casual Dario Argento fan (Iíve admired him for the fact he was the driving force behind George A. Romeroís Dawn of the Dead). So going in, I am very much a newcomer to both Dario Argento and the trilogy. Still, even not knowing what was going on 95% of the time or why Udo Kier had literally only 3-minutes of screen time; it doesnít explain why the acting was so god-awful or how the climatic finale we sludge through 95-minutes for was so ridiculous. So much so, Iím not going to bother recounting the story, only to say itís about a girl with powers she doesnít really use to find this ďMother of TearsĒ who is tearing Rome apart with madness and blood.

Iím a fan and admit that I have a little crush on Darioís lovely daughter Asia Argento since I first laid my eyes on her in xXx, but between some truly awful writing and just an all around boring story, she couldnít stand a chance. That said, some actors can overcome bad writing and all, but Asia Argento didnít stand a chance and with nobody around her to pick up the pace, the entire movie fell apart within the first 10-minutes.

In the end, I thought the movie was a mess of a movie and most of the situations were either ridiculous in their execution or just plain laughable. At one point a mother throws her baby off a bridge, although I assume this was meant to shock and disturb the audience, it instead (I guess this says a lot about me) made me laugh a little on the inside.

While Iím sure many will dismiss this review because I never watched the first two in the trilogy, I can honestly say that even if they are two of the best B horror movies ever made, it cannot change my view on this one. As I said, Asia Argento is beautiful in an f---ed up kind of way (see: Scarlet Diva) but I think even her admirers will be sorely disappointed. I know she was the primary reason I wanted to see this movie.

Mother of Tears comes to DVD unrated adding, if IMDb is correct, 4-minutes of new footage not shown in theaters (limited release in the US).


The DVD features The Making of Mother of Tears (33:16), a decent featurette that contains many sound-bites Asia Argento and other cast and crew members both on the set and on the black carpet. There is also A Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Dario Argento (7:55) where he explains the story of the trilogy and his approach to directing or working with his daughter. Last is the U.S. Trailer and Italian Teaser.


Dimension Extreme presents Mother of Tears in its OAR of 2.35 and it looks like a good transfer. Since a good portion of the movie takes place at night, I did take notice of the black levels which all seemed to be about right. Itís not a fantastic transfer, but certainly good enough.

The DVD offers a standard Dolby Digital 5.1 track that gets the job done, but not something very memorable. Most of the track is filled with blood-curdling screams/moans mixed in with the (uneven) score by Claudio Simonetti.


Mother of Tears I guess is for a particular audience. Although Iíve read even fans of the first two in the trilogy didnít care for it, many more did so unless you are a hard core Dario Argento fan, you may find this one to be a drag.