Numb3rs: The Third Season (2006)

Genre(s): Action / Drama / Thriller
Paramount || NR - 1020 minutes - $54.99 || September 25, 2007
Reviewer: Brian Oliver || Posted On: 2007-09-21

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The Film

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Special Features

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Audio and Video

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Director: NA
Writer(s): Nicolas Falacci & Cheryl Heuton (created by)
Cast: Rob Morrow, David Krumholtz, Diane Farr, Judd Hirsch, Alimi Ballard, Navi Rawat, Peter MacNicol

Theatrical Release Date: NA

Supplemental Material:
  • Select Episode Commentaries
  • Crunching the Numb3rs: Season 3
  • Eppes Central
  • Blooper Reel
  • Set Home Tour

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 6
  • Widescreen (1.78)
  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Stereo Surround)
  • Subtitles: None

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.::THE FILM::.


“Numb3rs” is a show that, while not a ratings juggernaut like “Grey’s Anatomy” or (better comparison) “CSI”, it has made its home on Friday nights and done well. After a half-year run in its first season, the second year fleshed out the characters while also keeping in tune with its procedural base. Season 3 continues this as it is a season of change. Diane Farr had to take maternity leave; Peter MacNicol left for a stint on “24”; and the show made an addition with Kathy Najimy as Charlie Eppes’ (David Krumholtz) superior.

The series further explored the agents and friends personal relationships. The pairing of Megan (Farr) with Larry (MacNicol) was certainly interesting and although the Charlie/Amita relationship hasn’t blossomed as of yet, they’ve laid the groundwork for appealing storylines in season 4. Another developing relationship comes in the form of Don Eppes (Morrow) and Special Agent Liz Warner (Sumika), who came in as a female replacement during Farr’s absence. Issues between the Eppes Brothers and their father are also touched upon and mixed in with some fine stories, the show as a whole works on all cylinders.

While I enjoy the “CSI” shows (save for "Miami") and appreciate the distance it takes with their characters -- the whole Grissom/Sara dynamic still isn’t the main focus --, I doubt it could work as well on a series like that. They can touch upon possible relationships but the primary reasons people tune in are for the murders and how done it. “Numb3rs” will satisfy the mystery fans out there but the extra character layers add to the overall quality of show.

The cast is also well rounded. David Krumholtz has always been a quirky kind of actor but he excels in a role that suits his strong points. Rob Morrow as the workaholic Fed gets his due as he must deal with his own relationships with his brother, father and own team members. Then you have what in network TV could be called the supporting roles. Judd Hirsch is pitch perfect as the Eppes’ father plus Alimi Ballard (David Sinclair), Diane Farr (Megan) and Dylan Bruno (Colby Granger) as a part of Don’s team of skilled FBI agents.

“Numb3rs” is a show that one can sit back and enjoy and/or involve oneself into its storylines. Even though there are plot elements that are called back in certain episodes, you can still drop in at any point and not get lost since the concept itself is simple: a Cal-Sci genius helps out his FBI brother solve crimes in a mathematical way. But it is the character development that makes it as good as it is and worth watching.

Episode Breakdown and Plot Summaries:

1. Spree
Special Agent Don Eppes and his team of investigators attempt to nab a young couple whose seven-state robbery spree has turned to murder.
2. Two Daughters
A couple’s murderous rampage turns personal when agent Megan Reeves is kidnapped by one of the killers.
3. Provenance
A valuable painting stolen by the Nazis during World War II, is stolen for a second time - and its theft leads to murder.
4. The Mole
The team is drawn into a fascinating case when a Chinese interpreter is found dead.
5. Traffic
In mapping a series of seemingly random attacks on L.A.’s highways, the FBI team discovers that the incidents may be linked.
6. Longshot
Don and his team probe a mysterious death at a horseracing track, but Charlie uncovers some evidence that takes the investigation in a new direction.
7. Blackout
Los Angeles is plagued by a series of power failures. Are the blackouts the result of an accident - or something far more sinister?
8. Hardball
A minor league baseball player winds up dead, and leads in the case point toward steroid use and a major doping ring involving the team.
9. Waste Not
When a sinkhole suddenly opens on a schoolyard, injuring several children, Don, Charlie and the team unearth a toxic case involving waste disposal.
10. Brutus
Two victims - a California State Senator and a psychiatrist - have little in common with one another, except that Don is convinced the cases are related and linked to a complex government secret.
11. Killer Chat
While Larry prepares for a mission with NASA, Don and Charlie track a killer who has murdered several sex predators who were looking for victims via Internet chat rooms.
12. Nine Wives
A polygamist lands on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list when a woman involved with the suspect goes missing.
13. Finders Keepers
An expensive yacht sinks off the California coast, becoming an attractive target for divers - and a deadly attraction for one adventurous underwater thrill-seeker.
14. Take Out
A series of robberies at various upscale L.A. restaurants brings Don and his team of investigators to the table when the incidents escalate into a case of murder.
15. End of Watch
A police badge uncovered at a construction site opens a cold case involving the badge’s owner - a policeman who’s been missing for 17 years. Meanwhile, Alan is targeted in a lawsuit. 16. Contenders
David is stunned to learn that one of his childhood friends is accused of murdering the competition while preparing for an extreme fighting bout.
17. One Hour
In Don’s absence, Granger leads the team in a race against time after a music mogul’s son is kidnapped and threatened with death if the $3 million ransom isn’t paid.
18. Democracy
Don and Charlie discover that several local deaths may be tied to voter-fraud - and the case becomes personal when an old colleague becomes the next victim.
19. Pandora’s Box
When a corporate jet goes down in a forested are owned by the government, Charlie must divide his time between that puzzling case and solving a burglary at his home.
20. Burn Rate
A series of explosions are similar to the work of a long-imprisoned bomber. Is the inmate orchestrating a new series of incidents from behind bars... or are they the work of a new perpetrator?
21. The Art of Reckoning
Don becomes apprehensive when a mob hit man on death row suddenly wants to confess to his crimes and help the FBI sort out his wrongdoings.
22. Under Pressure
The threat of a terrorist attack on Los Angeles - involving the city’s water supply - puts everyone on edge and causes friction among Don and his team members.
23. Money For Nothing
Medical supplies worth millions, earmarked for an international relief effort, are stolen - and Don’s team discovers that the FBI aren’t the only ones interested in recovering the supplies.
24. The Janus List
Don and Charlie must confront a barricaded bomber who has asked for them by name - in a case that have a profound effect on both the brothers and the close-knit FBI team.


Once again, Paramount Home Entertainment provides a decent selection of features that makes the set worth the price (around $40 in-store).

Cast and Crew Commentaries (5) - Select episodes get the commentary treatment. “Two Daughters” features executive producers David W. Zucker and Ken Sanzel (also a math consultant) and actor Lou Diamond Phillips. “Hardball” has co-creator Cheryl Falacci and actors David Krumholtz and Jay Baruchel. “Killer Chat” has writer Don McGill, associate producer Andrew Black and (again) Krumholtz. “Nine Wives” with director Julie Hebert, special effects supervisor Tom Bellissimo and actress Navi Rawat. Lastly, “One Hour” includes Sanzel and actors Rob Morrow and Dylan Bruno.

Short sidebar before going further: the features are split on the set. One is one disc 4, another on disc 5 and two others on disc 6. Maybe it’s disc space, but putting them all on one disc or splitting them evenly between discs 5 and 6 would’ve been nice as switching discs to watch certain features can be a little annoying. Anyway, back to your original program...

Crunching “Numb3rs”: Season 3 (18:44) - Seems this has become a staple on these sets (seasons 1 & 2 has it as well). This is a behind-the-scenes look at the third season, what changes were in store and the difficulties presented with two cast members leaving for a short duration.

Eppes Central (11:00) - Interesting little featurette shows the differences between the location house used in season 1 and the set version now used.

Blooper Reel (6:26) - Lengthy, for what it is, reel with your usual line goofs and general on-set blunders. It’s rare when I don’t laugh watching these and this doesn’t disappoint.

Set House Tour (9:45) - The Eppes Family (Krumholtz, Morrow, Hirsch) takes us, the viewer, on a tour of the set house and giving an inside glimpse of the Hollywood magic it takes to make it a real home.



The series is presented in anamorphic widescreen, 1.78 OAR, and looks perfect. I expect no less from a current TV series.

The Dolby 5.1 track is great, especially when it comes to the sound effects (the title/scene change). Surprisingly, my bass actually had some work to do and turn your system up a little and it could shake your windows.


“Numb3rs” is a solid series that probably deserves a better timeslot (since I have no use for reality TV, how about Thursdays before CSI?), but it is well worth watching. This season three set is well done with some decent features to go along with a surprisingly effective sound mix.