Scrubs: The Complete Sixth Season (2006)

Genre(s): Comedy
Buena Vista || NR - 522 minutes - $39.99 || October 30, 2007
Reviewer: Brian Oliver || Posted On: 2007-10-26

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The Film

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Special Features

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Audio and Video

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Director: NA
Writer(s): Bill Lawrence (creator)
Cast: Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes, Robert Maschio, Aloma Wright, Sam Lloyd

Theatrical Release Date: NA

Supplemental Material:
  • Cast & Crew Commentaries
  • My Making of: "My Musical"
  • Judy Reyes Keeps Talking
  • Scrubbed Out (Deleted Scenes)
  • Alternate Lines
  • The "Third Tier"
  • The Debra and Stephanie Show

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Full Screen (1.33)
  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.


“Scrubs” is easily one of the funniest shows on television right now. It’s also one of the most underrated series and least watched major network series as well on NBC. And I guess I’m probably partly to blame for the low ratings. The majority of the shows I’ve seen have been on DVD (since season 3) but due to other commitments -- “CSI” or just forgetfulness --; I just haven’t been able to watch when they first air. Luckily DVD allows one to catch up and realize that even the funniest shows can have a falloff in quality.

Season six begins concluding the cliffhanger as we found out that JD’s girlfriend, Kim (Banks) was pregnant. Of course, there were changed abound for the rest of the “Scrubs” crew. Turk (Faison) and Carla (Reyes) having a baby; the advancement of Elliot (Chalke) and Keith’s (Travis Schuldt) relationship; and Dr. Cox continues to berate his fellows while also become a father for a second time. Of course, other little storylines emerge with the “third tier” characters (more on that term in the features) and funny ensues.

As much as I enjoy “Scrubs”, season six just wasn’t as hilarious or laugh-out-loud funny as previous seasons. Outside of ‘My Musical’ and maybe ‘My Long Goodbye’, there weren’t that many great episodes and instead many of the things the show is known for is just rehashed over and over (Dr. Cox v. JD, Dr. Reid’s insecurities, Turk/JD’s relationship, etc). This isn’t to say it isn’t funny or it doesn’t deserve to be seen (it’s certainly better than other shows that lasted one season too long), but it still was slightly disappointing.

Season six leads into what will be the last season for “Scrubs” and I am interested to see how creator Bill Lawrence will wrap everything up. Is it going to be a “Friends”-like conclusion finding Elliott and JD together living happily every after? The comparison of JD to Ross isn’t too far apart but since I believe the whole Ross/Rachel thing has been mentioned before, I wonder if Lawrence will try to go against the obvious.

As I said, “Scrubs” is still a good show that after six seasons (going into seven) still is better than most comedies. As ‘My Musical’ showed, there isn’t a shortage on innovation and it’s a shame the American viewing audience didn’t catch on. Perhaps you can blame on people like me who wait for DVD or NBC executives for putting it on a brutal 9pm hour against “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, but at least there’s one last season to wrap everything up for those who have been loyal since the beginning.

01. My Mirror image
02. My Best Friend’s Baby’s Baby And My Baby’s Baby
03. My Coffee
04. My House
05. My Friend With Money
06. My Musical
07. His Story IV
08. My Road To Nowhere
09. My Perspective
10. My Therapeutic Month
11. My Night To Remember
12. My Fishbowl
13. My Scrubs
14. My No Good Reason
15. My Long Goodbye
16. My Words of Wisdom
17. Their Story
18. My Turf War
19. My Cold Shower
20. My Conventional Wisdom
21. My Rabbit
22. My Point Of No Return


Buena Vista has loaded up this season with plenty of features to keep the avid fan busy.

Cast and Crew Commentaries – Unlike previous season sets where you might get 3 or 4 commentaries on key episodes, season six provides a commentary on EVERY EPISODE. Yes, the “Scrubs”-crew went to the “Simpsons” playbook and gave each episode a commentary with a variety of people at every position possible on the production. With 22 episodes, there are too many to list here, but I’ve created a simple page with who does what episode. However, here are the highlights: Actor Neil Flynn (The Janitor) provides commentary on 4 tracks; Ken Jenkins (Bob Kelso) on 3; Sarah Chalke on 2 (including ‘My Musical’) and Robert Maschio (The Todd) on 2, amongst others. With 22 commentaries, there are some sub par tracks as some of them (especially crew) don’t know exactly what to say leading to quite a few lulls. Unfortunately, Zach Braff and Donald Faison are absent this time around but Chalke and Flynn fill in nicely.

For a complete list of participants, go here (this is in text format and opens in a new window).

My Making of ‘My Musical’ (11:20) – This is a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative episode where the Sacred Heart staff take on a case of a woman who only hears music. The featurette takes you through some of the rehearsals and interviews the cast and crew and gets their thoughts on the episode.

Judy Reyes Keeps Talking (6:45) – Actress Reyes (Carla) gives her insights on the character and the changes she’s had over the six years.

Scubbed Out (Deleted Scenes) (15:51) – 12 scenes are featured and include the original aired scene for comparison. Nothing outstanding but always appreciated when they’re included on a season set.

Alternate Lines (14:12) – Here you get 13 different lines and since you’ve got cast members who like to improvise, some of this is quite funny on the variations in the same scenes.

The “Third Tier” (7:51) - Nice little featurette acknowledging the impact the background characters have had on the series throughout the years with nameless characters who normally would be just walking around who now have names and lines.

The Debra and Stephanie Show (6:59) – ‘My Musical’ writer Debra Fordham and Tony Award nominated actress Stephanie D’Abruzzo interview each other about the highlight episode of the season.

NOTE: Although the back of the box and inside flap list there being “Outtakes”, I couldn’t find it. Hell, I found the “hidden” easter egg, but no outtakes so I don’t know if they considered some of the alternate lines as that but it was disappointing that it wasn’t in here.



The series is presented in regular old full screen and looks just fine. I didn’t notice anything off and while it might not be optimal for the widescreen TV owners, it’s still suitable.

You get a Dolby Digital 5.1 track which is appropriate for a comedy show. I prefer using my TV speakers for a show like this where it’s only music that might make full use of my home theater speakers.


“Scrubs” is still a fine program and even the best of them have off years and though season six is one of those, it’s still pretty good. Some of the old routines are just that, old but I still enjoy the series a whole. This DVD set is packed nicely even with the missing outtakes. With 22 commentary tracks, this will keep the avid DVD collector busy for a while.