Seed of Chucky (2004) - Unrated and Fully Extended

Genre(s): Comedy / Horror
Universal || Unrated - 88 minutes - $14.98 || June 7, 2005
Reviewer: Brian Oliver || Posted On: 2005-06-10

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

A U D I O &
.:: V I D E O ::.

Audio and Video

.:: O V E R A L L ::.
Director: Don Mancini
Writer(s): Don Mancini (characters)(written by)
Cast: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Hannah Spearritt, John Waters, Billy Boyd (voice), Brad Dourif (voice)

Theatrical Release Date: November 12, 2004

Supplemental Material:
  • Writer/Director & Actress Commentary
  • Writer/Director & Puppet Master Commentary
  • Chucky's Insider Facts On Demand
  • Deleted Scene with Option Commentary
  • Heeeeere's Chucky Featurette
  • Family Hell-day Slideshow
  • Conceiving the Seed of Chucky
  • Tilly on "The Tonight Show"
  • Jennifer Tilly's Diary
  • Fuzion Up Close with the Seed of Chucky Stars
  • Storyboard to Final Feature Comparison
  • Theatrical Trailer and Teaser

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (1.85)
  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (DTS 5.1)
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

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.::THE FILM::.

OK, as I've mentioned before, I am not a horror fan... however, I can enjoy one once in a while and although Bride of Chucky wasn't the greatest film in the world, it at least had that cruel horror flavor to it. Seed of Chucky does not. Instead of any truly horrific and scary scenes and any funny stuff that the campiness was supposed to provide, I saw what can only be describes as a dumb and worthless film.

But what is worse than this lame "horror" is the wink and nodding with a movie within a movie concept that made Scream 3 do stupid. Director (and the original Child's Play creator) Don Mancini decided to go even further making the lead actress, Jennifer Tilly, play herself. The story this time around surrounds the reincarnation of Chucky and his wife Tiffany who discover that they have a son which they name Glen/Glenda (as the new addition to the family may have a bi-sexual composition). Now, though this idea is rediculous and unoriginal (aside from the bi puppet), the film itself is filled with too many clichés to make Seed of Chucky worth any time and does not separate itself from the genre.

I realize that Seed satires on many genres and on Hollywood itself, but I did not enjoy it or find it funny what-so-ever. So, as I am not a fan of this franchise too much, I am sure the fans will fall head over heels for this one, but for the rest of us, if you haven't decided already, skip this turkey. There is one thing I did like, however, was I enjoyed the fact that Tilly was willing to make fun of herself... so on that front, it does work on some lowly level.


While I didn't like the movie, I wanted to give these special features a fair shot, and for what's there and the film's quality, I liked what Universal provided.

Writer/director Mancini and Jennifer Tilly provide the first commentary track, which is fun and unlike some actresses who seem to be ditzy (a la Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Apocalypse). The rest of the track is filled with little tid bits, some trivia and just a nice conversation between friends. Tilly goes into how she came up with her "character". The more interesting factoid is that nearly the entire film (which takes place in Hollywood), was filmed in Romania and with a couple of exceptions, the cast and crew must be made of Britains.

The second commentary track comes from (once again) Mancini who is this time joined by puppet master Tony Gardner. This one is much more technical, although the conversation flows well. Where the Tilly track was more about the production and other behind-the-scenes action, this one is about Garner's work on how he updated the look of Chucky and Tiffany as well as coming up with a new design for their child, Glen/Glenda. As one who only has seen a Chucky movie or two, I never delved much into how the puppets were made.

The Chucky's Insider Facts on Demand is your standard trivia track where you learn such things like that director Mancini kiddingly call the Chucky-Tiffany combination "Barbie and Clyde." Yeah, I really needed to know that. Even though this isn't a bad feature, I have to complain about the little time the trivia stays on the screen (I estimate it to be around 7 seconds, nowhere near the time to read everything).

There is one deleted scene with Tiffany and actress Debbie Carrington (a midget) who is in the scene playing herself who will in turn be playing Tiffany in human form. In the commentary with Mancini and Carrington, it was cut as another sequence involving her was canned and therefore this one would be too confusing if placed in the film.

Heeeeere's Chucky is a mock interview with the evil doll himself as we get to see "screen tests" of Chucky for other films (like American Pie). Not terribly interesting, but I guess it goes along with the theme and direction the Chucky franchise is taking.

Family Hell-iday Slide Show is another Chucky short where the trio look over family photos ranging from the beach (where Chucky has continued his killing mayhem) to New York City to Mount Rushmore before finally ending with the ring of the doorbell from the pizza boy (and you know what happens next).

Conceiving The Seed of Chucky is basically a behind-the-scenes featurette showing the work the puppeteers do and how many of them it takes for each of the three puppets. There's one person each to control the eyes, arms, lips, head, etc. and the hard work that goes into it is quite impressive. For something that is usually bland, this one actually makes the making-of process quite interesting.

The Tilly on "The Tonight Show" is a comedy bit (I have to assume as there was no introduction or explanation) that appeared on the Tonight Show (which I very rarely watch). The bit just shows Tilly's time in Romania and some mock comments about the people she works with and the hardships on working on the film.

Jennifer Tilly's Diary runs several pages long (no it isn't a video diary) and goes through the routine that she and DOn went to to get Seed of Chucky made. In the "diary" she complains about how her sequel contract was tossed and had to be re-negotiated for half the original salary for more than twice the amount of work... Obviously this was just for fun but you can pretty skip this feature.

The other features are pretty standard including the Fuzion Up Close with The Seed of Chucky which runs at four and a half minutes and is merely interviews with the cast as well as two overly zelous hosts who belong taking part in the Thanksgiving Day parade with their phony smiles. There is also a storyboard to film comparison of a few scenes that is good to watch for those who want to get in on the industry. Lastly there are the standard teaser and theatrical trailers.


Seed of Chucky is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio which looks fine, but nothing great. The picture looks good and the puppet's faces look great (aside from our bi-puppet who looks hideous, more-so than even Chucky himself). With the sound, Rogue provides not only the lackluster Dolby Digital 5.1, but also my personal favorite DTS mix that sounds quite good, though I have heard better before from DTS.

The DVD also has animated menus as well as a rediculous opening introduction from Chucky, Tiffany and Glen. Unlike some animated menus, this one doesn't take long in the transitions between menus and sub-menus.


As I said before, this isn't a movie for everyone. If you're like me, I found the movie to be just one long dumb unfunny and unscary horror-comedy, two ingredients that seem to be intregal to making a movie in that genre successful. That said, if you like the Chucky movies, you'll more than likely will enjoy this one as well which means you will (if you haven't already) buy this DVD.