Ultimate Avengers 2 (2006)

Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Animation
Lions Gate || PG13 - 73 minutes - $19.98 || August 8, 2006
Reviewer: Kushmeer Farakhan || Posted On: 2006-08-08

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.:: F I L M ::.
The Film

.: F E A T U R E S :.

Special Features

A U D I O &
.:: V I D E O ::.

Audio and Video

.:: O V E R A L L ::.
Director: Curt Geda, Steven E. Gordon
Writer(s): Bryan Hitch, Stan Lee, Mark Millar (comic book & characters), Greg Johnson (screen story, screenplay), Boyd Kirkland (screen story), Craig Kyle (screen story)
Cast: Justin Goss, Grey DeLisle, David Boat, Marc Warden, Olivia d'Abo, Andre Ware, Nolan North, Nan McNamaray, Michael Massee

Theatrical Release Date: NA

Supplemental Material:
  • The Ultimates Featurette
  • The Ultimates Gag Reel
  • First Look at Iron Man
  • First Look at Dr. Strange
  • What Avenger Are You? DVD-ROM Game

Technical Information:
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Widescreen (1.77)
  • English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: NA

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.::THE FILM::.

As many of you know, I was a pretty big fan of the first film. Unfortunately, I can't say the same of the second. While the second is not some kind of cinematic atrocity, it is a major step down from the very good first film.

In Ultimate Avengers 2, we are introduced to a new character, The Black Panther. He's an African prince who's father has been killed by one of the alien Nazi guys from the first film. This leads Black Panther to seek out the help of Captain America (who is still dealing with adjusting to this timeline and with his issues with the Nazi aliens from the first film). When Cap agrees to help, he brings the entire Avengers team with him to Black Panther's nation of Wakanda. Once there, The Avengers have issues with the Wakandans and with the aliens (who I guess were NOT dead). Other subplots include Wasp and Giant man's relationship beginning to erode and Bruce Banner and Betty Ross dealing with Bruce's guilt about being the Hulk and attacking the Avengers in the first film. Then there's Thor who is having visions of the Avengers dying(or something).

Doesn't sound too bad does it? Sound a lot like the first one? Well, yes and no to both questions. Where to begin?

For starters, the new character of Black Panther is kind of weak. I've been a Marvel reader for well over a decade and I've never seen Panther portrayed as so weak. Not only is he weak but his new costume design is goofy and he somehow has the magic ability to turn INTO an actual Panther and it looks silly. I don't remember that from the comics. Then there's Captain America. Cap has 0-character development in this film from the first one. The only new thing that happens is an out of nowhere, tacked on romance subplot in the final scene.

Giant Man and Wasp's subplot is sort of interesting but the culmination of it at the end of the movie makes NO sense. I won't spoil it. All I'll say is that it's quite clear the writers like Iron Man WAY WAY more than Giant Man. Speaking of Iron Man, he and Thor are once again given the least amount of screen time. It's a shame because every time either of them did anything, it was pretty cool. Hulk is also short-shifted. He appears in one scene with a handful of others as Banner(although at least that makes sense within the context of the film so Hulk's absence is forgivable).

The film is action packed and a lot gorier than the first film but really only half of that action has any resonance, the rest is just gory, crunchy eye candy ala a bad Michael Bay movie.

Despite all my ranting, it's not all bad. Ultimate Avengers II is still reasonably entertaining and does leaving you wanting another film still to see how the few dangling storylines started here are wrapped up. Not as great as the first film, but if you're a fan it's still worth picking up.


The Ultimate featurette - 22 minute look at the history of the Ultimates comics and how they were turned into animated features. If you're a comic fan, it's a must watch feature as it features in-depth interviews with Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch who wrote and drew the comics respectively and they reveal how they got all of their ideas for the book.

The Ultimate Gag Reel - a very silly feature where scenes from both films are redubbed with silly dialogue from the voice actors. It's not bad. There's an hilarious running joke about Iron Man loving a steak restaurant. Not a must watch but fairly fun.

First Looks at Dr. Strange and Iron Man featurettes - Each of these is about 3 minutes long but it's pretty cool. Both movies look awesome, particularly Dr. Strange.


Looks and sound great. Whenever someone got hit, you could feel the skull crunchin'!


Ultimate Avengers 2 isn't a bad movie. It's not a good one per se but I believe it to be a must watch for any Marvel fan worth his weight in Hulk Undies.