From Paris with Love (2010)

Genre(s): Action / Thriller
Lions Gate || R - 92 minutes || February 5, 2010
Reviewer: Tyler Thomas || Posted On: 2010-02-19

.:: F I L M ::.

Director: Pierre Morel
Writer(s): Luc Besson (story), Adi Hasak (screenplay)
Cast: John Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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From Paris with Love has been the best thing Iíve seen in theaters in at least a few months. This movie was non-stop kick-arse action for 90 minutes, and by far one of the reasons I rarely care what movies make in theaters in terms of going to see them. Travolta is at his finest in this flick, as is Meyers. I must say, this is the old school Travolta that Iíve been missing from my collection.

James Reece (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is an aid for Ambassador Bennington (Richard Durden) but also has a little side job involving espionage. Reece is called upon via cell phone to plant a bug in an opposing senatorís office, and he does so without question. After completing the assignment he heads home to his girlfriend Caroline (Kasia Smutniak) who proposes to him and gives him a ring that she warns him to never take off. The mysterious caller dials Reeceís phone yet again, but this time the mission is different. He is to head off to the airport to clear a man named Charlie Wax (John Travolta) and basically escort him around town completing the mission. Caroline is ticked off that he has to leave, but lets him go since he gets a promotion.

Wax is up to no good at the customs agency, but Reece manages to get him out of a sticky situation and is now forced to be his chauffer the entire time heís in town. The first stop is some dumpy Chinese restaurant for some crappy food according to Reece, but Wax assures him they arenít there for the food. Wax ticks off the customers at the restaurant and the chefs pull out uziís and other guns to shoot at the two government agents. Wax, of course, kills them all easily and asks where the dope is at. The hostage refuses to tell him, so Wax shoots the ceiling and cocaine rains down. It turns out that Wax is here to stop the cocaine trafficking going on, as though the senatorís daughter overdosed on the stuff. Can Reece and Wax stop the cocaine trafficking, or will they Wax On, and then Wax Off? (Get it? Like the moon)

Like I said before, this movie was a freaking blast to see in theaters. The action is there the entire time, and so is the great plot twist that comes about midway into the flick. Granted, as usual, I saw the twist coming, but it was still great to see the twist unfold in front of my eyes. Travolta is a freaking riot and enjoyable as Wax, similar to past roles he played in films like Swordfish and others. I laughed at nearly every line he said in the flick that was meant to be entertaining, and was in awe when the action sequences kicked in. I mean holy crap, some of the shooting scenes were jaw-dropping in terms of entertainment and eye-popping in terms of just whacky crazy crap going on.

I also must give major props to Meyers for coming along in the film industry. Now, granted, this flick tanked at the box-office I see him getting bigger and bigger roles as the years go on. I honestly see him as the next Christian Bale or that one guy from the vampire films soon enough. His acting is phenomenal as the scared yet ambitious government agent the entire flick, which had even me believing that he really was an agent. Smutniak, who Iíve never seen in a film prior to this one, should have a great career in Hollywood too. Her acting skills were right on par with the other two main cast mates and she kept up with her role the entire time.

Despite what you may or may not have heard about From Paris with Love, the flick needs to be seen and then bought on Blu-ray and DVD when it comes out soon enough. This is an action-packed thrill ride that had me on the edge of my seat. The only problem I have is that the runtime just plain sucks! I was into the movie the duration of it, and then it was over without a second thought. That being said though, I may just go see the flick again. Oh, thereís also a great reference to a past Travolta movie for trivia nuts, so see if you can spot it.